LGBTQ+ Fashion Influencers and Activists to Follow in 2022

Choosing who to follow on Instagram — especially if you’re scrolling through your feed on the regular — is important. The brands and influencers you interact with may impact your day, change your mood, and affect your consumer behaviors. Fashion influencers, for instance, inspire you to experiment with your style and try outfits that speak to your distinct personality. They are a reliable resource for everyday inspo and often seem more accessible than your typical A-list celebrity. Looking for a little who-to-follow guidance? Check out this lineup of 29 creatives, artists, designers, and models.

“Although it might seem [that my favorite color is black], don’t let me fool you. I have all the vibrant colors of the rainbow oozing from within.”

All part of the LGBTQ+ community, these stylish individuals are some of our go-to sources for wardrobe tips and tricks. In their own individual ways, they help us understand that taste is ever-evolving and unique. Editor-in-chief of OutThere Uwern Jong summarizes it best: “Although it might seem from my feed as I travel the world that my favorite color is black, don’t let me fool you, I have all the vibrant colors of the rainbow oozing from within.” And even when these tastemakers are juggling various projects, you can trust that they share content through their own lens. Keep scrolling to hear directly from the influencers themselves as they describe their aesthetic to POPSUGAR. One thing that binds them? Their commitment to ensuring that their true character shines through in their day-to-day wardrobe.

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