Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly Completely Avoiding Kanye West

On Friday, Kim Kardashian and ex-husband Kanye West avoided one another at their oldest daughter North’s basketball game in Los Angeles, arriving separately and seemingly ignoring one another throughout the event. Kardashian arrived in all black except for the white stripes of her Balenciaga track pants. She wore them with tall black heels and left her long platinum hair down around her waist, accessorizing with an enormous pair of black sunglasses and a small silver handbag.

Kanye arrived in a white graphic t-shirt and Levis jeans, with giant black rubber boots and a black baseball cap. North came separately from her parents, though she followed West into the building after he stopped to great his friend Nick Cannon, who was also at the game.

A source recently told TMZ that Kardashian has completely disengaged from West since he wore a shirt bearing the words “WHITE LIVES MATTER” to an event with Candace Owens and began making anti-semitic social media posts and comments on TV. This is different from in the past, where Kardashian was willing to reach out to her ex to offer support even when they were no longer together.

They now discuss the schedules of their four kids through a third party, reports Page Six, though they were successfully co-parenting since their split in 2021, even after West publicly attacked her ex-boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson.

“They have had zero communication in several weeks, and all communication regarding the kids’ schedules are now coordinated through assistants,” said a source. “She has had enough of his conspiracy theories, bullying and hateful rhetoric.”

Another insider said that with West’s recent behavior “everyone is now seeing for themselves” what caused the divorce.

“In the past, when Kanye would spiral and destroy everything in his path, Kim would be the person everyone would call to get him help or be the only one who could get him to snap out of his dark mental state,” they added.

Kardashian supposedly “felt it was best to end the marriage when she realized she could no longer help someone that didn’t want to be helped.”

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