8 Long Sweater Cardigans We Cannot Wait to Wear This Fall

This time of year, many people get excited about pumpkin spice season. But when the temperatures drop, the leaves change colors, and, yes, the orange gourds come out, one of our favorite sartorial moments has officially arrived: Sweater weather

Recently, Zoe Kravitz was spotted out and about on one of the first days of the season wearing an enviable floor-length cardigan sweater. Her chunky shoes, oversized Saint Laurent bag, and sunglasses put this look distinctly in 2010s Mary-Kate and Ashley territory, which any longtime reader of Who What Wear knows is an exceptional compliment. 

As we usher in cooler temps and shorter days, it’s a comfort to know we can reach inside our closet, grab a long cardi, and take on the day. Whether it’s working from the couch, or running errands like Zoe, we can all agree: sweater weather is a perfect excuse to basically wear a structured blanket at all times. 

We’re keeping an eye out for MK & A to sport the look again, but in the meantime have fun shopping a few of our favorite long cardigan sweaters below. 

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