Gigi Hadid’s Favorite Affordable Bag is On Sale Now — JW Pei Sale Amazon Prime Day 2022

Today kicks off Amazon Prime Day (yes, again), which means for two precious days fashion lovers get to scour the depths of Amazon in search of incredible deals on fabulous items. Case in point: JW Pei bags. You can’t scroll through Instagram or TikTok for long without seeing one of these incredibly popular bags, usually the Gabbi style, adorned on the arm of a celebrity or influencer. The bag is on sale right now, thanks to Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale.

Until the clock strikes midnight on October 12, the beloved Gabbi is 20 percent off. That’s $16 off this already-affordable bag, bringing the price down to a whopping $63.99. According to our notes, that’s the lowest price this bag has ever been. You also get free shipping during the retailer’s epic shopping event, and if you purchase today, your goods are guaranteed to arrive in time for the rest of fall.

In the world of expensive It Bags, no accessory feels as fresh—and accessible—than the under-$100 Gabbi. The mini shoulder bag has quickly become a favorite of street style royalty, whether it be actresses like Megan Fox or supermodels like Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber, or Emily Ratajkowski.


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As for what color to go for, the options are vast. Will you go for a bright blue style like Fox or a bold neon orange hue like Ratajkowski? Or maybe keep it tame with a neutral yellow bag like Hadid? With 14 on-sale color options to choose from, the perfect statement bag is only a scroll away.

Gabbi Handbag - Orange

JW PEI Gabbi Handbag – Orange

Gabbi Handbag - Light Yellow

JW PEI Gabbi Handbag – Light Yellow

Gabbi Handbag - Light Blue

JW PEI Gabbi Handbag – Light Blue

Gabbi Handbag - Black

JW PEI Gabbi Handbag – Black

Gabbi Handbag - Grass Green

JW PEI Gabbi Handbag – Grass Green

Prime Day Deal

Gabbi Handbag - Light Purple

JW PEI Gabbi Handbag – Light Purple

Now 20% Off

Gabbi Handbag - Dark Brown

JW PEI Gabbi Handbag – Dark Brown

Gabbi Handbag - Beige

JW PEI Gabbi Handbag – Beige

Prime Day Deal

Gabbi Handbag - Pink

JW PEI Gabbi Handbag – Pink

Now 20% Off

Since its creation by husband and wife duo Yang Pei and Stephanie Li in 2016, JW Pei has quickly risen in popularity thanks to its line of sustainably made accessories. The Gabbi, constructed from vegan leather and sourced from recycled plastics, features a croissant-like shape with a single, ruched top handle and a curved base. On the inside, you’ll find a faux suede interior that snaps shut using a magnetic closure. Don’t be fooled by its miniature shape, though, because this bag can still hold all your necessities. Small but mighty, some might say.

If you want another It bag to add to your collection in addition to the must-have Gabbi, shop our other favorite JW Pei styles on Amazon while they’re on sale. Keep a watchful eye because some have even been included in Lightning Deals.

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