Second Life Podcast: Yasmin Sewell

Nothing is more empowering than being in tune with the evolving energies that surround us daily. For Yasmin Sewell—the creative genius and founder of Vyrao, the world’s first-ever well-being brand to fuse energetic healing with master perfumery—it’s more than just being in tune with energies. It’s about using them to heal. With a lifelong passion for well-being and energetic connection as well as training in integrative quantum medicine and Reiki, Sewell fused her passions into a brand that could truly foster powerful emotional healing through a bespoke olfactory experience. 

Building the brand on her strong sense of instinct and vocation to create healing energy sources, Sewell launched Vyrao last year with five personal scents. Each fragrance was intentionally designed to evoke specific emotional reactions—like I Am Verdant, a perfume inspiring transformation and illumination through scents of fresh green growth, and Witchy Woo, a fragrance infused with Moroccan orris, thorny rose, nutmeg, and black pepper that encourages courage and creativity. And most recently, Sewell released The Sixth, a unisex fragrance containing 15 natural ingredients scientifically proven to
promote mindfulness made in collaboration with perfumer Meabh McCurtin, the Science of Wellness program at the IFF, and psychic advisor Katt Nicholson.

Within the first year of Vyrao’s launch, Sewell soon learned that the world needed her energy just as much as she wanted to give it. Today, Vyrao is available in 50 global retailers, including Violet Grey, Selfridges, and Saks, with a lifestyle-product expansion on the horizon. 

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