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MONTH OF October

Welcome to your “relationship month,” Aries! In October, the Sun travels through Libra and Scorpio, heating up two of the most committed zones of your chart. For your independent sign, this is your annual time to partner up and share the talking stick. Not your sign’s wheelhouse, but an amazing opportunity to grow. Who knows? Someone else’s contributions could add a brilliant shine to your ideas.

Fear not, Ram: Your golden moment on the mic arrives October 9 with the year’s only Aries full moon! The spotlight’s on you, so belt out a memorable solo.

To support your assertiveness, communication planet Mercury will end its tricky three-week retrograde on October 2, lifting an irksome gag order. After September’s six (!) retrograde planets turned our lives upside-down, October starts to lift some of the pressure. Three of those wayward celestial bodies correct course this month: Mercury, Pluto (October 8) and Saturn (October 23). 


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October has a lot of moving parts: retrogrades ending, an eclipse and lots more. Sure, Libra season will bring balance, but it won’t be long before cosmic events flip the fulcrum. Luckily, your sign is ready for any challenge.

The energy gets a sexy charge once the Sun plunges into Scorpio and your intimate eighth house on October 23. Then, eclipse season starts October 25 with the Scorpio partial solar (new moon) eclipse. While eclipses can bring curveballs and sudden events, the solar eclipse is usually the gentler variety. This one sets the stage for an intense total lunar eclipse that will arrive at the November 8 Taurus full moon. 

More changes are afoot as Jupiter exits your sign and reenters Pisces from October 28 until December 20 and your ruling planet Mars turns retrograde on October 30, reversing course until January 13. The rest of the year will take on a distinctly different flavor. Put some of those ambitious plans on temporary hold, as you’ll find much better luck if you launch them a couple weeks into the New Year. Retreat, reflect and recalibrate until then.

Blow off steam this Halloween, which features a freewheeling Aquarius moon in your friendship sector, the perfect moment for parties and lighthearted gatherings with friends. Of course, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio and your private eighth house, your appetite for crowds could expire long before the witching hour.

Libra season ignites partnerships until October 23

Bring on the balance! The first three weeks of the month have a special focus on partnerships and making sure yours feel fair and equitable. With the Sun in Libra and your companion corner, one specific person might rise above the contenders as a potential sidekick. Whether that’s for business or romance, stay open to collaboration now. In Libra the Sun is at the farthest point in the sky from your zodiac sign, making your own “solar power” a little dim. All the more reason to lean on reliable ride-or-die types who can step up and create the perfect synergy.

October 2: Mercury retrograde ends

Sweet relief! This October 2 ends a stressful Mercury retrograde that began on September 9, disrupting technology, communication and travel plans. Mercury was retrograde in Libra and your partnership zone until September 23, causing unrest in your closest bonds. You’ve withstood quarrels and misunderstandings, both online and with the people you’re around most. An ex or a former rival may have resurfaced, or maybe you weren’t in the mood for heavy one-on-ones. 

Since September 23, Mercury’s been backing through Virgo and your sixth house of health and organization. This wonky grand finale could have made you feel disorganized and stressed as you transitioned into the new season. It’s been hard to stay on top of details, and you probably found errors everywhere you looked. As soon as you cleaned up one mess, another one popped up in front of you!

Use the first couple days of October to clean, purge, declutter and sort through any summer pileups. As Mercury corrects course starting October 2, you can finally start your fall fitness plans and get your life in order. Mercury’s “retroshade” shadow phase will linger until October 16. But day by day, things will improve as communication and technology FINALLY get back on your side. By the second half of the month you should start to feel back on top of your life.

October 8: Pluto retrograde ends, clearing up career issues

If you’ve been dealing with power struggles for the past few months (which is somewhat routine for your headstrong sign), those dicey dynamics will start to ease up. On October 8, calculating Pluto ends its annual five-month retrograde through Capricorn and your tenth house of ambition and authority. 

Ever since April 29, Pluto has been backspinning through your tenth house of career and authority, which might have caused a couple potholes on your road to success. If you’ve been at odds with a man in your life particularly (possibly your father) or felt simmering tension with a colleague or client, you can initiate an open discussion now. Proceed with care though, as Plutonian matters are always like a poker game—and the god of the underworld doesn’t want you to lay all your cards face-up on the table.

More than anything, it’s time to get strategic and think about everything you want to do with your life and your grandest goals. How can you get from Point A to Point J—and what would be the most strategic route? With Pluto standing strong in your tenth house of public image, presenting yourself to the world as a powerhouse or a thought leader could position you for a serious status boost.

The October 9 Aries full moon puts the spotlight directly on you

A moment of solo stardom arrives on October 9, when the year’s only Aries full moon beams into YOUR sign. Look back to the April 1 Aries new moon for clues of what might start to come together today. Intentions set near your last birthday could come to fruition now. If you’ve been considering making a major move around a passion project or pursuing a personal ambition, this could be your moment to strike! If all that stretching and compromising has left you exhausted, step away from the demands of others and “do you.”

With this full moon opposing harmonizer Venus, a close friend or romantic partner could interfere with your efforts to prioritize yourself. You might find yourself trying to be “nice” and please someone at your own expense. Come now, Aries: It’s not your style to apologize for wanting what you want and going for it. Don’t let this indecisive full moon-Venus opposition make you second-guess what you know in your gut! 

Scorpio season (October 23) and the Scorpio solar eclipse (October 25)

Life becomes more of a chess board—but an exciting one!—starting October 23, when the Sun shifts into Scorpio and your eighth house of intimacy, mergers and strategic moves. For the next month, you may prefer to be more private or to focus on a few key relationships. A joint business venture could percolate, or a sizzling sexual attraction may start to gather steam.

This “come together” synergy is especially potent at the October 25 Scorpio new moon, which also happens to be a supercharged partial solar eclipse. Eclipses bring surprising plot twists, so prepare to pivot without notice! The universe is flinging open the door to new strategic alliances, possibly ones that come out of the blue. Do you sense that someone has soulmate potential? This solar eclipse paves a new six-month path to greater intimacy and closeness. For longtime couples, it could spark talk of an engagement, pregnancy or merging your lives in another significant way. With the Sun and moon exactly conjunct romantic Venus at this eclipse, it could be a beautiful moment for you!

Saturn retrograde ends on October 23

Right as Scorpio season begins, structured Saturn ends a four-and-a-half-month retrograde backspin in Aquarius and your eleventh house of collaborations. Since June 4, many Aries found it tough to rally the troops or get your team to pull their weight. A rift with a friend or colleague may have left you without your usual support system—or perhaps the people you normally lean on were so busy with their own responsibilities that they couldn’t be there for you.

Between now and March 2023, you’ll have Saturn motoring forward through this sign, helping you forge powerful connections while reminding you who your real allies are. Rule number one: Quality over quantity! You could be promoted to a leadership role in a group or invited to join a prestigious members-only society. 

If you’re feeling lonely or adrift from your crew, make a dedicated effort to spend quality time with those kindred spirits. Organize a group getaway or host a monthly master mind to support each other’s end-of-decade goals. It might take prioritizing and planning, but it will be well worth it when your tanks are refilled.

Jupiter leaves Aries and backs into Pisces on October 28

It’s been an amazing year of growth for you, starting on May 10 when lucky and expansive Jupiter entered your sign for the first time since 2011. This kicked off an energizing 12-year chapter of your life, with lots of fresh starts! 

On October 28, Jupiter (which is retrograde until November 23) backs into Pisces for it third and final visit. Fear not: the red-spotted planet returns to your sign again from December 20 until May 16, 2023, giving you five more months of its bountiful blessings.

Wind it down for a minute and integrate all that you’ve learned. As Jupiter revisits your twelfth house of healing, closure and transitions, you can use the rest of the year for quiet contemplation and catchup work. Use the downtime of Jupiter in Pisces to make peace with your past, do some forgiveness work. You could even to take an unofficial sabbatical to heal, explore your creativity and deepen your spirituality. 

October 30: Your ruler Mars turns retrograde

Quiet on the set? On Wednesday, October 30, your ruling planet Mars begins its biennial retrograde backspin, reversing its commute through Gemini until January 13. As the raucous red planet rears through your third house of communication and ideas, you may need to put a bookmark in some overly ambitious projects. Friendships that are veering into frenemy territory should also go on ice for a couple months. You don’t have time for the drama!

Watch your famous Aries temper, as Mars retrograde can tempt you to stuff down anger, which later leads to an explosion. But if you can’t have a diplomatic dialogue with a certain someone, it’s better to hold off until cooler heads prevail. Find a neutral third party and vent to them (without damaging anyone’s reputation by revealing too much) or channel your frustration into a healthy outlet like exercise or an all-consuming hobby. There’s nothing wrong with a distraction if it keeps you out of trouble.

Independence has its perks and privileges, but this month’s stars want you to lean into love a little more. Not only is the Sun traveling through Libra and Scorpio—your two committed partnership signs—but vixen Venus is right in step.

The planet of romance is in Libra, dappling your seventh house of companionship until October 23, right alongside the Sun. It’s a beautiful time of give-and-take, a time to bring balance to your bonds. If last month’s Mercury retrograde wreaked havoc on your connection, use October’s first three weeks to restore harmony. Got something you’ve been holding back? Let it out at the October 9 Aries full moon. But take extra precautions to be diplomatic, since this moon will be at odds with gracious Venus. No blaming or shaming please!

On October 23, both the Sun and Venus shift into Scorpio and your erotic, intimate eighth house. Things get decidedly steamier, even as the weather gets cooler (those temperatures aren’t the only things dropping…rrrowr!). The October 25 solar eclipse will make an exact connection with Venus, amplifying the sizzling romantic energy even more.

Meanwhile, passionate Mars (your ruling planet) is on an extended trek through Gemini and your communication center from August 20 to March 25. You won’t need much coaxing to initiate meaningful conversations—or get flirty or even dirty. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to broach your thoughts about commitment, early October is ideal.

But don’t ignore diplomacy, especially once this prickly planet flips into retrograde for two months on October 30. For no apparent reason, under this testy transit, couples may argue more. An ex might resurface (a classic retrograde phenomenon), a flirtation may inch toward your line in the sand, which could get weird if it’s with a friend. Keep things from getting awkward by taking it all VERY slow.

Give your indie spirit a short sabbatical this month, Aries. Partnering up is the key as the Sun travels through Libra and Scorpio, activating the two key relationship zones of your chart. This is a fabulous time to build and nurture key connections that will help you get ahead. 

With magnetic Venus also in these same two signs, your powers of attraction are stronger than ever. And your ruler, Mars, is in Gemini, activating your third house of kindred spirits and communication. Translation: The right collaborations could blast you into the stratosphere! 

Go outside your usual circle and invite a potential mentor, investor or supervisor out to lunch. Make sure you do your research (social media is your friend): Are they lunch at the James Beard award-winning restaurant or afternoon tea in the company cafeteria? Be clear about your goals and remember reciprocity. Make sure you follow up with a handwritten thank you card. (We know, we know. So last millennium.) 

On October 25, a Scorpio solar eclipse ignites your eighth house of joint ventures, wealth and investments. Get ready to merge your superpowers for mutual gain or to make a savvy financial move. Just be sure to conduct thorough due diligence if you consider partnering up, especially since your ruler Mars turns retrograde from October 30 to January 12. Those boiling and bubbling synergies could cool to a simmer for the rest of the year. With lucky Jupiter backing out of Aries from October 28 to December 20, you might want to hold off on a few major decisions until the New Year.

Love Days: 19, 23

Money Days: 11, 2

Luck Days: 9, 27

Off Days: 21, 25, 7

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