11 Best Hair Bonnets for Natural Hair 2022

silke london satin bonnets

Silke London

The last time I went to bed without a hair bonnet, I woke up to find my pillowcase covered in hair oil (bad for my skin) and my hair a hot, frizzy mess (bad for, well, me). Not to sound dramatic, but hair bonnets are as essential as oxygen. Wrapping your hair up in a protective cap helps to extend the life of protective hairstyles, fight frizz, and retain moisture while you get your zzzzs in. Sleeping without one can dry your hair out, cause breakage, and force you to buy even more hydrating shampoos and moisturizing conditioners to reverse the damage. Silk or satin bonnets provide all those benefits wrapped up in plush, soft fabric that makes styling your hair the next morning a more seamless process. You can never have too many bonnets, so here are 11 of the best bonnets to keep your hair happy, healthy, and hydrated.

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Best for Short Hair


Satin Cap

Best Silk

Silke London

Hair Wrap The Sienna

Best for Long Hair

Bellami Hair

Night Cap: Mulberry Silk Hair Extension Bonnet

Best for Protective Styles

SL Raw Virgin Hair

SL Raw Satin Bonnet with Edge Tie

Best for Braids

Sassy Hair Cap Expandable Satin Sleep Cap – Pink

Best Satin

Glow by Daye

Premium Satin Bonnet

Best for Healthcare Workers

Med Scrub Studio

Emma Surgical Capscrub

Best for Curly Hair


Satin Tie Bonnet

Best for Long Hairstyles


Jumbo Satin Bonnet Cap for Braids

Best for Sleeping


Satin Sleep Cap – Blush

Grace Eleyae

Grace Eleyae

Satin-Lined Cap

Is wearing a bonnet good for your hair?

Protection is one of the top ways to preserve your hair’s health. Bonnets are especially good for your hair because they prevent frizz and tangling throughout the night and also protect against breakage and friction.

Which type of bonnet is better: silk or satin?

Both fabrics are great for your hair. The only difference between the two is the price. Silk is a more expensive fabric while satin is the more affordable version. Silk and satin bonnets provide the same results but if you want a more luxurious feel, opt for silk.

What bonnets are the best?

You should look for bonnets that are lined with either satin or silk to protect your hair from tension. Also, bonnets that are designed with a drawstring or tie feature help ensure the bonnet stays in place no matter what.

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