Lori Harvey Gets Ready for the Michael Kors Show

lori harvey michael kors runway show

Christopher Horne

Lori Harvey isn’t a regular model, she’s a cool model. Case in point: the budding entrepreneur eats French toast while getting glammed up for a fashion show. “I will always make time for a quick bite before getting dressed,” she says. It’s a refreshing thing to hear during New York Fashion Week, when some in the industry claim they only have time for coffee, not food. So when Harvey devours a decadent-looking breakfast while still managing to look ravishingly beautiful, it is the very definition of goals.

And we haven’t even gotten to her look. For Michael Kors’ spring/summer 2023 runway show in the Meatpacking District, Harvey wore a grey minidress by the designer, a matching oversized coat, and her signature Yankees hat (she is in New York supporting a New York designer, after all). In her words: “Classic, timeless, and a true nod to NYC.”

A simple, straight bob fell nicely under the thematic accessory, and the model’s own statement stud diamond earrings completed the outfit. “You can never go wrong!” she says of her go-to jewelry. For Harvey, the curve-hugging ensemble was a total confidence booster. “I love the way this look feels so effortless, yet like such a staple and a power outfit,” she says. Below, check out how Harvey got ready for the Michael Kors show.

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Classic, timeless, and a true nod to NYC.

Getting glam with the best team. I will always make time for a quick bite before getting dressed.

Adding my favorite statement stud diamond earrings—you can never go wrong!

Made sure to do my SKN by LH five-step routine before final touches and heading out to the show.

I love the way this look feels so effortless, yet like such a staple and a power outfit. I felt confident and simply beautiful.

And just like that, we’re on the way!

A moment for this coat, ladies and gents!

In just a New York minute, we have arrived to the MK show and the energy is truly unmatched.

Striking a pose. Again, I love this outfit—especially how it compliments all my curves. Thanks, Michael!

Quick snap with these beautiful ladies, whom I adore!

If you know me, you know I live for a Polaroid moment.

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