29 Pairs of Cool and Edgy Denim Jeans We’re Loving

There are those who love jeans with every fiber of their being, and those who wear them simply out of convenience. Consider me one of the latter. Yes, they’re timeless and one of the rare staples that never go out of style, but jeans also don’t thrill me exactly. Couple that with the trauma of denim shopping IRL (when you have a pear shape, it’s not so pleasant), and there are solid reasons why it’s one of my least favorite things to slip on. 

But when it comes to fashion, my opinions can sway like the wind, so I’m always open to reconsidering my stance. I’ve done that with low-rise pants (they’re now one of my favorite styles) and it seems like denim is up for reevaluation. What’s helped turn the tide is the influx of unconventional jeans that are both exciting and edgy. They turn the blue-washed straight-leg classic on its head with unexpected quirks (like a built-in kilt and color-blocked patchwork as you’ll see below). The whole trend amps up basic jeans into a moment versus a piece that’s just in the background. And everyone from Loewe to H&M is getting in on it too.

Keep reading to see 29 pairs of unconventional denim jeans that get a little spicy with the staple, along with where to buy them.

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