Elsa Hosk’s New Fashion Brand Helsa Will Sell Out By October

Ever since she was a kid growing up in Stockholm, Elsa Hosk has loved clothes, so much so that she convinced her mom to teach her how to sew so that she could make them herself. At the time, she says there was a lot she couldn’t find or afford, so instead of shopping, she made the garments she wanted. So, when the supermodel launched her debut ready-to-wear label Helsa this week, it wasn’t her first foray into design—it was just the first time she did it professionally. 

After putting it off and putting it off, “I’ve had the idea of a brand for so long but actually doing it always took the backseat and my modeling career always came first,” she says. Hosk’s line of elevated basics, including skirt-and-jacket utility sets, faux leather outerwear and trousers, and poplin button-downs and lounge pants, hit the virtual shelves at Revolve and FWRD on Tuesday and almost immediately began selling out. Not that we’re surprised. After all, who doesn’t want to dress in what’s essentially Hosk’s desert-island wardrobe?

“The first collection is inspired by my bag of essentials I’d bring on the islands in the summers,” Hosk tells Who What Wear. “You know when you just pack one bag of your favorites? The pieces you know you look good in, mix perfectly with everything, are made from great materials and are durable, and can be dressed up and down for any occasion? That’s the first Helsa collection.” For her initial launch, she was inspired by the natural landscapes in Scandinavia—from its raw sandy beaches to its glowing sunsets. It’s no wonder people love it so much.

Scroll down to shop the first Helsa collection before it’s gone.

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