Oh Snap! 3 Quick Fixes for When Your Underwire Breaks

Recently, I was traveling to London from California.  As I was getting off of the plane, I reached up to get my (very much overpacked) carry on bag.  Once I’d grabbed my bag and was lowering it down, I felt a familiar “Pop!” on my ribcage.  You know that sound… the sound when your underwire breaks?

A few choice words (that we don’t publish, here at TCF) came to mind.  My underwire had snapped. I still had a six-hour flight ahead of me. I was not looking forward to sitting in a cramped seat with a wire stabbing me every time I moved.  

Cue my emotions:


Luckily, I’m a resourceful lady with access to the internet.  I googled (and tried) a few MacGyver-like solutions, and…

Here are a Few temporarily fixes for when your underwire breaks:

  1. Ask for a Band-Aid.  You may not have tape on hand when your underwire snaps.  But, I’m betting you (or someone you can ask) does have a few Band-Aids.  The idea is to wrap the Band-Aid around your underwire (using it like tape) to keep it from scratching you.  Arguably, you could tape the underwire down, but I found out that it usually springs back out.
  2. Use a pad.  Okay, I know this sounds weird.  But, most public restrooms (and the woman sitting next to you) will have a pad.  Rip it into a smaller section (you don’t need the whole thing!) and wrap it around your underwire, taping it down.
  3. Turn your bra inside out. Whenever my underwire has snapped, it’s always poked in, towards me.  You can turn things around (literally) by turning your bra inside out and making the underwire poke away from you.  Then, using whatever you have on hand, tape down the exposed wire.  This only works in some situations (and you run the risk of the underwire poking through your top) but it is a temporary fix and it can work!
Underwire bra poking
from Imgur.com

Not only is this extremely frustrating when this happens. for some, it is downright maddening. Bras can be expensive, hard as hell to find, so when your underwire breaks, it is a serious thing.

But have you ever asked yourself why it has broke? These questions run through our mind after this happens:

The Workhorse Weary Bra
Image via The Workhorse
  • How old is the bra? 
  • How well have you been taking care of your favorite bra?
  • How amazing was the quality of the bra? 

Things like your breast shape, wearing the right size, and the quality of the bra all play into the life and wear of your cherished boulder holders. 


Now that we are here… what do YOU do when your underwire breaks?

Do you have any life hacks for fixing an underwire that’s snapped?  Share them below!

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