Everything a Fashion Editor Wore in Norway for Oslo Runway

If I’m being completely transparent, I’ve never been much of a “good” packer. Whereas every one else I have ever traveled with learned pretty early on that carry-ons were the safest and easiest way to go, I remained stubborn. Ignoring logic, I succumbed to a life spent panicking at the baggage carousel, crossing my fingers that my suitcase would eventually arrive on the belt unscathed. Then the pandemic happened. One too many articles about lost luggage later, I finally forced myself to become a carry-on person.

Last week, when I flew to Norway to attend Oslo Runway (the city’s version of fashion week), was the first time I can honestly say that I packed well. Twice this summer, I’ve traveled internationally with only a carry-on, and twice, I was disappointed at how chaotic a job I’d done. But this time, I finally managed to pack an almost perfect number of pieces for the three-night stay that involved press dinners, launch parties, runway shows, and presentations. We even went to the woods two hours outside of Oslo to visit Vestre, the world’s most sustainable furniture factory.

To celebrate my packing achievement, I thought I’d document all the handpicked items I brought along with me, hailing the pieces that I wore more than once and even accepting defeat about the ones that, sadly, should’ve stayed at home. See everything that I packed and wore below.

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