17 Simple Eye Shadow Looks That Are Perfect for Beginners

I first want to preface this story by saying that simple doesn’t automatically have to equal boring. I love a good and easy eye shadow look for all occasions—daytime wear, going out, a casual dinner, or date night. Truthfully, I just don’t like to spend hours doing my makeup. Because of this, I’ve found a ton of ways to create simple eye shadow looks that are extremely cute.

I also turned to Adele’s makeup artist, Anthony Nguyen, and fellow celeb makeup artist Judi Gabbay for further advice on this one because I can always use more ideas, tips, and hacks when it comes down to it. Gabbay’s go-to simple look works for everyone. “My favorite eye looks are usually neutral and warm,” she says. “I absolutely love a warm eye on any skin tone and eye color for a sultry, natural effect. Using a fluffy dome brush, I sweep a warm tone above the crease and lift upward and outward toward the temples for quick depth and soft sculpting.” Nguyen on the other hand has a key tip for application. “I love using my fingers for the perfect eyeshadow look,” he shares. “The warmth of your hands can melt and grab product perfectly, and blend shadows quickly, especially if you’re picking up a shadow with shimmer.”

Keep scrolling for a few more hacks and must-have products from both to create said looks.

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