A Fashion Editor’s Mejuri Jewelry Review



Fashion editors have a lot of opinions. And while it may take more than the average to please us, when we like something, we tend to stick behind it. A brand that’s been ringing in my ears from my editor colleagues is Canadian jewelry brand Mejuri. Admittedly it’s been on my radar for a minute—via events and general shopping research— but until recently I never dove deep into its selection to try it in real life. Good thing I did, but it was exactly what I was looking for: no-frills everyday jewelry that I leave on whether I’m sleeping or swimming. I’m past the age of wear-it-once-and-its-green costume jewelry, but not quite ready to invest in a Van Cleef Alhambra piece (although I’m planning on it soon).

Mejuri’s direct to consumer jewelry sits nicely between the two categories, so with $100, you can buy a solid piece that won’t turn or lose its luster. However the brand also makes really great affordable fine jewelry (including engagement rings) too, so there’s really something for everyone should precious metals be on your wishlist. 

I took five of Mejuri’s bestselling pieces for a test drive to see how they faired in the midst of my day-to-day activities. Keep scrolling to read my review and for a visual of how I styled each piece.

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