The 11 Biggest Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Trends

Designers gave us a lot to look at in the fall 2022 collections and a glimpse into where fashion is headed this year. On one side of the spectrum, brands showcased light, pretty things. Among them were gauzy sheer dresses at Fendi, exposed silky lingerie layered underneath embellished cutout pieces at Miu Miu, high-glamour satin dresses at Saint Laurent, and romantic full skirts at Bottega Veneta.

On the other side, there was an angsty undercurrent that ran through the collections. Leather got edgier and more heavy-duty at Diesel. Grungier vibes were present at Khaite and Givenchy with moody looks centered on layers of black. Even bridal looks had a strong alt bend, with skimpy, voluminous gowns at Off-White and 3D feathers at Richard Quinn.

With so many contrasting ideas on the runways, it’s difficult to neatly wrap up the season, but one thing is certain: Creativity is percolating, and we’re entering into an exciting moment in fashion. Ahead, we’ll dive deeper into what is on the horizon with the 11 biggest fall/winter fashion trends for 2022 and the key buys to add to your closet now if you’re an early adopter.

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