What Fall Trend to Adopt Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Fall trends 2022 to adopt based on your zodiac sign


Courtesy of Versace; Courtesy of Bottega Venetta; Courtesy of Cecilie Bahnsen

There’s an old adage about how you can’t predict the future, but I’m pretty sure whoever originated the phrase didn’t know anything about trend forecasting. For buyers, editors, and the fashion set alike, we may not be able to predict which designer handbag is bound to be the next it-bag or what style aesthetic will takeover TikTok, but trends, we know. It doesn’t necessarily make us clairvoyant, but knowing what will be prevalent does allow us to crystalize what we want to bring into our closet for the coming season. 

Of course, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that even knowing which trends have made a comeback doesn’t make the shopping process more manageable. In fact, at times, I wish there was a crystal ball, tarot card, or horoscope that could magically say, “this is what trend you should be buying for fall, period.” And I’m guessing that if you clicked into this story, you too are wondering what your fashion future holds. I can’t claim to be a professional astrologer, but I know how your entire birth chart impacts how you move about the world—including how you get dressed. And I love identifying trends fresh off the runway (which requires its form of psychic talent).

So ahead, I’ve scoured the runway and the stars to identify the best fall trend to adopt based on your zodiac sign. Scroll to your sign to see what fall has in store for you…

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