Mindy Kaling’s Best Outfits and Fashion Moments

Mindy Kaling’s career as a show creator, actor, producer, and comedian is impressive to say the least, so having a wardrobe that fits the bill and keeps everyone guessing is crucial. Kaling’s enthusiasm for expressing herself through vibrant prints and bold colors is undeniable. Whether she’s at a press event for Netflix’s “Never Have I Ever” or walking the red carpet at an award ceremony, the Hollywood star’s energy is half emitted through her outfit.

Working for years with stylist Hayley Atkin, Kaling remains dedicated to a certain slew of brands — Tory Burch, Gucci, Carolina Herrera, and Versace, to name a few — while also mixing in emerging or unexpected labels that she routinely introduces to her fans on Instagram with her many outfit posts.

As a mom of two, Kaling feels motherhood has positively affected her approach to fashion, telling InStyle, “I think as I’ve gotten older, I have really gotten less judgmental of myself and also of other people for rocking certain trends . . . I like to surprise myself, whether it’s in fashion or with a workout I wouldn’t normally feel like I could do.”

While Kaling admits she may not feel comfortable pulling off every aesthetic she sees on TikTok, the 43-year-old creative is certainly willing to experiment and have fun with her glam team by her side.

Ahead, backtrack on some of Kaling’s best looks to date, and find designer credits for each standout moment as you scroll.

Additional reporting by Hannah Weil McKinley

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