Vanessa Morgan Shares Her All-Time Favorite Beauty Products

Can you walk me through your morning and evening skincare routine?

I start by washing my face. if I had to pick a favorite face wash, it would be the Renée Rouleau one. Then from there, I put on my resurfacing serum from Tata Harper. I also like to spray rose water on my face or I’ll use a rose water-infused toner. I’m pretty easy. Then I just put on my face cream. For my body, I’ve been using the Gold Bond Healing Lotion because it’s paraben-free and it has vitamin A, C, and E, which are the key things I like using on my body to keep my skin and scar moisturized, and my new tattoo. I’m really easy when it comes to my skincare. It’s all about just keeping yourself moisturized. I don’t ever wear sunscreen—I know that’s bad. I only do it when I’m tanning in the sun so I should probably do that more, but I don’t [laughs]. I sometimes use sunscreen for babies. I use it on myself and my son if I’m going to be laying in the sun, but I think the sun gives me freckles, and I kind of like it! So I think I haven’t been wearing it on purpose [laughs].

Freckles are so cute! I wish I had them sometimes. Moving into my next question. I saw on your Instagram that you went to Zion recently and you’ve been doing a lot of really fun traveling. How do you keep your skin in good shape while you’re out on your adventures?

It’s key not to neglect your body. I always keep my face moist. The body moisturizer from Gold Bond is great for that because they have a lot of products that are good for dehydrated skin. So that’s key when you’re in the sun so even if I’m not the best with my sunscreen as long as my skin is moisturized, it doesn’t flake or peel and I find I look young.

What are your favorite face moisturizers that you like to use?

I just really love the Tata Harper serum and the Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer!

She makes the best organic products. And are there any beauty staples that you discovered on the set of Riverdale that you can’t live without now?

I think the rosewater! I actually don’t know the name of it, but my makeup artist gets it. It’s just 100% rosewater. I think it’s a Lebanese brand but it’s really nice.

Do you have any other wellness practices, supplements, or other daily rituals that help give you a boost mentally and physically?

I like walking barefoot on either the grass or a beach, it’s really grounding. I feel so much better and always have so much more energy throughout the day. And if I can meditate in the morning—meditating has been a lot harder with my son, of course—but if I can, I try and breathe and get that 15 minutes to myself. I love getting those mindful minutes in every morning.

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