8 Outdated Fall Fashion Staples I’m Retiring

While the warmer months tend to be a fan favorite, this editor can’t wait to start breaking out fall staples like leather jackets, ankle boots, and all the denim. Simply put, it’s my favorite time of year to get dressed and yes, I might be jumping the gun on shopping for the season ahead but I like to think of it as planning ahead. While I sit here and daydream about the dipping temperatures and layering possibilities to come, naturally I’m also examining my autumnal wardrobe and doing a good bit of gutting.

The staples I used to wear between the months of September and December could definitely use an update, so to bring my fall wardrobe into the present-day, I’m taking stock of what’s in my closet and decided to remove eight outdated fall fashion staples that no longer feel like the freshest option. Items like platform loafers that I wore religiously in seasons past are getting the boot, and now I have my eye on a few 2022 updates that will make all my fall ‘fits feel truer to where my style is at today and which trends of the moment I’m taking inspiration from.

With that, keep reading to see which silhouettes I’ll be relying upon over the course of the next few months, and consequently, which older ones I’m cutting out for good. 

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