‘Do Revenge’ Release Date, Cast News, and Spoilers

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Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes are taking care of each other’s dirty work. The Stranger Things and Riverdale stars will share the screen in Netflix’s dark comedy Do Revenge, which follows the aforementioned unlikely duo of high school students who each team up to get back at the other’s bully.

For Type A queen bee Drea (Mendes), the target is her “fake-woke misogynistic” ex-boyfriend Max, who leaked her sex tape and ruined her life. For Eleanor (Hawke), it’s Carissa, a girl who started nasty homophobic rumor that essentially destroyed her as a teen. As Eleanor says in the trailer, she doesn’t just want to make her pay, she wants to “burn her to the ground.” And so that’s exactly what she and Drea set out to do.

Do Revenge marks the sophomore film from Someone Great director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, who was inspired by iconic high school films of the ’80s and ’90s, such as John Hughes’ classics and Jawbreaker, Cruel Intentions, and 10 Things I Hate About You. “And so, we backwards-engineered this story of revenge off of: What would it be like to take the fun, thrillery stakes of a Hitchcock movie and put it in high school?” Robinson previously told ELLE.com.


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Here’s what to know about Do Revenge.

When will Do Revenge be released?

The film starts streaming on Netflix Friday, Sept. 16.

Who’s in the cast?

In addition to Mendes and Hawke, the film stars Austin Abrams (Euphoria) as Max, Rish Shah (Ms. Marvel) as Russ, Talia Ryder (Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always) as Gabbi, Ava Capri (Love, Victor) as Carissa, Jonathan Daviss (Outer Banks) as Elliot, Maia Reficco (Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin) as Montana, Paris Berelc (Alexa & Katie) as Meghan, Alisha Boe (13 Reasons Why) as Tara, and Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones).

“We joke that they are like, the young Hollywood Avengers,” Robinson joked to ELLE.com.

Do Revenge was written by Robinson and Celeste Ballard; produced by Robinson, Anthony Bregman, and Peter Cron; and executive produced by Josh Bachove. Music is by Este Haim (yes, one of the Haim sisters!) and composer Amanda Yamate.

Can I get a sneak peek of the movie?

To hold you over until Sept. 16, watch the first trailer above and scroll through some film stills below.

do revenge   l r paris berelc as meghan, jonathan daviss as elliot, austin abrams as max, alisha boe as tara, and maia reficco as montana in do revenge cr courtesy of netflix © 2022

Courtesy of Netflix

do revenge   l r maya hawke as eleanor and camila mendes as drea in do revenge cr kim simmsnetflix © 2022

Kim Simms/Netflix

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