Second Life Podcast: Lisa Bühler

“In a world of fast fashion, our goal is to have a home for the artists of the industry.” A company with a powerful ethos and a fabulously quirky name, Lisa Says Gah has become a beloved haven for independent designers and those keen on fashion discovery. And to answer the question we’re all thinking — yes, Lisa is a real person, and yes, she is saying “Gah.” Meet Lisa Bühler, the passionate founder and CEO of the company, who has quite literally been saying “Gah” for the last decade or so. Used as a term of endearment rather than distaste, Bühler coined the phrase to determine which pieces were worthy of your wardrobe. Bühler founded Lisa Says Gah in 2014 with the mission to create an e-commerce platform where independent designers, sustainable fashion, and high-quality materials could live in harmony. 

Since its launch, Lisa Says Gah has garnered the attention of many, growing her revenue by an impressive 300% increase during one of the most challenging years for brands, 2019-2020. Before building a brand that would shift fashion’s perspective, Bühler spent a decade in the fashion industry observing the environmental impact of production and the dynamic of smaller labels versus massive brands – which ultimately served as a catalyst to starting Lisa Says Gah. She also worked as a buyer at Nasty Gal, where she oversaw the sourcing of dresses, outerwear, and sweaters. 

Listen to the latest episode of Second Life to hear how Bühler’s past fashion life inspired her to pave her own path in the industry. And, ahead, shop some of our favorite Lisa Says Gah styles.

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