Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


Get ready to multitask, Sagittarius, because this Monday, August 1, demands on your time come right, left and center as the fateful North Node syncs up with energizer Mars and innovative Uranus. The good news? You’ll think fast on your feet, spouting off novel ideas and delivering inspired solutions. Impressive as this may be, don’t lose sight of self-care. When you need to take a break to, say, eat lunch or just not talk to anyone, it’s up to you to ask for it. Stress levels can rise quickly this week, especially with the schedule you’ll need to keep up with. Clear your head with a guided meditation, even if you’re closing your eyes in the backseat of your Lyft for 5 minutes. Helpful people are all around you but they might not step forward in an obvious way. When you need a boost, ask for it!

On Thursday, messenger Mercury flits into Virgo, blessing you with its verbal agility until August 25. Your mouth is often two steps ahead of your brain, but with the cosmic communicator running your PR department, you’ll have the gift of gab. And since Virgo rules your ambition sector (AKA the tenth house)  go ahead and dream up some supersized Sagittarian notions. This pragmatic placement helps spec out the savviest system for not only bringing them to life but keeping them rolling for longer than a few blinks of the eye.

The weekend brings a soulful sync-up of romantic Venus and whimsical Neptune in your most chill outposts. Don’t be too ambitious with your social plans: You’ll be happiest with your favorite plus-one strolling through the park, the farmer’s market, or perhaps you’ll stumble on a street fair. It doesn’t matter what you get up to; as long as you feel relaxed and you both relish comfortable silence, you can’t go wrong!


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Is it time to negotiate new agreements around bills and shared finances? On Sunday, sober Saturn forms a tough angle to Mars, forcing you to get real about where your desire to be helpful is starting to feel like a sacrifice. If you’ve been leaning too heavily on someone, look out! Their protest behaviors could flare up or you may get an unexpected earful about your lack of contribution. Don’t make excuses, Sagittarius. A genuine apology and a clear agreement about what you’ll do going forward will mend these fences. Someone you’ve been relying on for support might suddenly become less available. Are you ready to upgrade to a more appropriate source of assistance? If that means paying a little more (or paying someone for the first time), so be it. The peace of mind this brings will be well worth the investment. 

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