How to Wear Your College Sweatshirt

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Your old college sweatshirt is stowed away in what drawer? Find it, and you’ll have endless outfit inspiration.

Thanks to the light- and dark-academia aesthetics that are running rampant on TikTok — and largely due to the “Euphoria” effect on fashion, with Cassie, Maddy, Lexi, and Kat frequently making statements in argyle miniskirts and polos — the collegiate aesthetic is trending. Of course, expressing your individuality is easier when you’re repping your own personal memorabilia, so think of your hoodie as your most expressive accoutrement.

Style stars offer plenty more ways to master this trend with class, taking the college sweatshirt from the small screen to the streets. Take a tip from some of our favorite TV characters, like Issa Dee and Molly Carter at their reunion in HBO’s “Insecure” season five. They memorably team their Stanford University throw-overs with wide-leg jeans, a Telfar bag, a miniskirt, heeled sandals, and a Bottega Veneta crossbody, respectively.

Your college hoodie will look surprisingly refreshing as the foundation for your pantsuit, complete with a pair of loafers or cropped right under the bust and styled with a low-slung midi skirt and waist bag.

Read on to keep the inspiration coming, then shop some of our favorite college apparel available now, from thrifted designs to new styles. Even if you choose to sport an Ivy League college you didn’t actually attend, you’ll get bonus points for looking even cooler than you did as an undergrad in any of these outfits.

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