15 Best Walking Shoes for Women — Best Shoes for Walking 2022

a few of the best walking shoes for women


It’s a universal plight: the struggle of walking in shoes that are, to put it simply, not made to be walked in for long periods of time. Sometimes the duration isn’t even that long; the shoes are just that uncomfortable. This fact of life is unfair to you, sure, but it’s duly unfair to your poor feet. Otherwise, pleasant experiences like, say, a nice after-dinner traipse, touring a new city, or a trip to Disneyland (okay, that one’s debatable) can quickly be ruined by shoes that don’t fit right or lack adequate support.

Whether you’re commuting, sightseeing, or walking for exercise, you need to treat your feet right while you earn those steps. But everyone’s shoe needs are different. You might have high arches, flat or wide feet, or chronic pain in the heel or ball of your foot. Maybe you have weak ankles or deal with over-pronation. Perhaps you’re particularly sweaty (no judgment here).

The bottom line is there’s a lot to consider, but the best walking shoes will cater to all these factors. We looked to customer reviews, expert opinions, and the hands-on testing of our friends at the Good Housekeeping Institute and Women’s Health to determine which walking shoes can really go the distance. Below, shop 15 of the best walking shoes for women.

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Best Overall Walking Shoe

Gel Quantum 180 5

Best Fit for Women

Devotion Plus 3 Walking Shoe

Best Walking Sandal

Original Universal in Cherries Rhubarb

Best Arch Support

Atom Sneaker

Best Walking Shoe for Wide Feet

Miles Active Sneaker

Best Walking Shoe for Travel

Women’s Tree Runners

Best Walking Shoe for Over-Pronation

New Balance Women’s 1540v3

Best Long-Distance Walking Shoe

Women’s 411 V1 Walking Shoe

Best for Everyday Wear

DailyFit DMX Women’s Shoes

Best Slip-On Walking Shoe

Skechers Women’s Walking Sneaker

Best Walking Shoe on Amazon

Womens D’lites Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker

Best for Around-the-House Wear

Women’s OOahh Slide Sandal

Best Support

Women’s Triumph 19

Best Non-Slip Walking Shoe

Women’s Walking Sock Shoes

Best Stabilizing Walking Shoe

Gel-Nimbus 23

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