Chloe Cherry Talks About Lips, Euphoria, and Her Urban Decay Collab

Let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way. “I love filler,” says actress Chloe Cherry, who is known for many things, including her larger-than-real-life lips. “I believe in it.”

Vice Lip Bond Glossy Liquid Lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Lip Bond Glossy Liquid Lipstick

Cherry’s prodigious pout first got attention when she was cast as Y2K fairy-meets-addict Faye on season two of HBO’s high school drama Euphoria— and it’s now front and center for Urban Decay’s latest launch: Lip Bond Liquid Lipstick. But when it comes to taking an incredible photo of your lips, a filler session isn’t actually her secret.

“I figured out this trick myself, and I’ve been doing it for a really long time,” Cherry qualifies before sharing the juicy secret. “First, relax every single muscle in your face. When you’re about to take the photo, blow air out of your mouth very softly. Your lips will move out and kind of puff up.”


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Saving to memory, forever. The glossiness of the new Urban Decay launch amps up the lusciousness, too. “Glossy lips look good on every single person.” (Her favorite is the pinky-nude Safe Word.)

Like the rest of the world, Cherry’s makeup routine has been greatly influenced by the beauty looks seen every Sunday night episode release.

“I watched the first season of Euphoria as just a viewer, and I found the beauty really inspiring,” she says. “I went out, got a bunch of colorful makeup, and started wearing it. So it’s funny that I was cast in the second season, and my character, Faye, barely wears any makeup.”

Since her East Highland debut, Cherry’s getting recognized on the street—but the celebrity spotlight hasn’t changed her day-to-day skin and makeup routine. The vibe is actually similar to Faye’s, and on-set makeup artist Alexandra French taught Cherry the ultimate no-makeup makeup look.

“It starts with prepping your skin with a moisturizer,” she says. “Giving your face a really good massage makes a huge difference. From there, I wear sunscreen daily, and I keep it simple. Usually ending with a glossy nude lip.”

It’s that very same glossy nude lip that Cherry’s rocking in her Zoom profile photo—mouth open and tongue sticking out. Another perfect-pout pose I’m committing to memory.

chloe cherry

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