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Why walk when you can fly, Sagittarius? Stretch to your full wingspan this month as the Sun soars through Leo until August 22, heating up your ninth house of travel, personal growth and limitless possibilities. As the natural ruler of this zodiac sector, you’re “in the zone” during Leo season. How big and how far do you want to go?

This year, you’ve got extra superpowers thanks to a potent triumvirate that meets in Taurus and your organized, no-nonsense sixth house on August 1. Action planet Mars, disruptor Uranus and the karmic north node will storm through your systems and revolutionize the way you keep your life and affairs in order. Sagittarius, you’re always ready to supersize, but this momentous mashup reminds you how important it is to have a solid support team in place. 

The sixth house also rules health, and you’re being called to treat your body like the temple it is. Is it time for a radical revamp to your lifestyle, eating and exercise habits? Get moving! But be extra careful near this date, as the rash, volatile combination of Mars and Uranus could make you accident-prone. Stretch before that workout, don’t lift anything too heavy and stay aware of your surroundings.


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The best way to go farther faster? Power up those partnerships! On August 20, action planet Mars will begin an extended trek through Gemini and your committed relationship house, staying until March 25, 2023. This seven-month cycle is five times the usual length of Mars’ visit to a sign. Incredible collaborations could come in, but you’ll need to be assertive in your negotiations and, when in doubt, hire a seasoned pro to help you. 

Those experts won’t be in short supply once Virgo season begins on August 22. With the Sun heating up your tenth house of ambition and success for a month, you’re on a one-way trajectory to the top of your game. Earmark the August 27 Virgo new moon as a potent day to start a new professional chapter or to make a decisive move.

Spread your wings! It’s Leo season until August 22

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—at least, if you’re a Sagittarius. The Sun is making its annual chariot ride through lively Leo until August 22, parading through your ninth house of expansion, adventure and travel. You’ll be at your best, high on life and pulsating with possibilities. This year, Leo season also brings a healthy twist, as planets commune in Taurus and your orderly sixth house of wellness. You could work hard, play hard and burn it all off by staying active!                 

Pace yourself at the August 7 Mars-Saturn square

Just say “no” to shortcuts this August 7, Sagittarius. A rock-solid strategy is essential for success now, as Mars in your detailed sixth house clashes with ultra-organized Saturn in your communication sector. You’re eager to hit the ground running, but if you don’t have a firm plan in place, your entire project could crash and burn. Take all the time you need during this crucial developmental stage. Ask the key questions, vet your co-players and do the necessary research to be informed. By building a strong foundation early on, you’ll ensure your future victory. 

Big news arrives at the August 11 Aquarius full moon

Major news could arrive at the August 11 Aquarius full moon, which illuminates your third house of communication. This is the culmination of events sparked by the February 1 Aquarius new moon, so look back to any projects or conversations that goto underway then. If you’ve held off on making a decision, you could get the information you need to move forward (or opt out). A project might finally get the green light you’ve been waiting for since February. Got a message to share with the world? La luna hands you the microphone and invites you to hold court. Writing, teaching and speaking are favored. A book or podcast could also be life-changing.

This year’s Aquarius full moon has a few complications though. It will form a tense T-square with the Leo Sun and a volatile Mars-Uranus combo in Taurus and your orderly sixth house. You could get overwhelmed by all the details and activity going on today. As you grow in your life and career, keeping track of everything might get harder. Do you need to delegate or upgrade your systems? Shift out of the “I’ll just do it myself” mindset and start training people to support you.

To the top! Virgo season begins August 22

Your ambitions are ablaze starting August 22 when the Sun begins its monthlong power tour of Virgo and your tenth house of success and career. The August 27 Virgo new moon could bring an exciting opportunity or clarity around your long-term goals. Anything ventured on near this new moon will unfold in the coming six months. Map out a few rough ideas or take a decisive step forward. Let’s see where this goes! With go-getter Mars burning through your partnership sector starting August 20, remember that success doesn’t have to be a one-Archer job. Seek out complementary people who can amplify the speed and impact of your ideas. Then team up and create a win-win!

Slow down and stabilize: Uranus turns retrograde August 24

Need a little order in your Sagittarius court? On August 24, disruptor Uranus will begin a five-month retrograde that lasts until January 22. The side-spinning planet is reversing through Taurus and your sixth house of health, fitness and organization for the rest of the year, bringing change to these areas.

Revolutionary Uranus started a seven-year trek through Taurus in March 2019, sending seismic waves through all things “business as usual.” Your unhealthy habits and stagnant systems are getting a major overhaul. The tech-savvy planet has also demanded that you level up your digital game, from your online presence to using helpful apps and electronics to stay organized. 

At the office, Uranus could have introduced chaos among employees and service providers. Stress levels may have spiked, or your schedule became unwieldy. The sixth house rules pets, and a furry critter could have demanded extra attention. Some Sagittarians found themselves in a supportive or provider role, one that introduced a lot of unexpected plot twists.

Every breakdown has been a blessing, believe it or not—but if your life feels like a puzzle with a million scattered pieces all around, the retrograde will give you a chance to catch up. Uranus is the planet of rebellion and freedom, so hosting it in this orderly zone of your chart can feel paradoxical. But if you can design a way for structure to set you free—to create hacks that give you more time instead of miring you in processes—you’ll tap into the gift of this transit.

Your love life goes through a lot of different moods this month, ending on a very different note than it starts on. Until August 11, romantic Venus is in Cancer and your intimate eighth house. You may crave more privacy and one-on-one time, and if you’re single, you might not be in much of a dating mood. But if you DO have a significant other, things could get extra steamy for the first week and a half of the month!

Watch for jealousy and fixation while Venus is in Cancer. You could be obsessing over a summer fling or just feeling the need to be emotionally vulnerable in a safe space with a person who can handle the many dimensions of your personality. (Admit it, Sag, you have a lot of bold notes in that bottle—and it can be a lot to take in!)

With Mars in Taurus and your practical sixth house until August 20, you’re busier than ever, and making time for romance is admittedly not the highest priority. But you ARE in the mood to love one special someone: and that’s yourself! The sixth house rules fitness, and Mars in Taurus could inspire you to give your OWN body some extra love with clean eating, healthy movement and (who knows?) maybe some extra cardio behind closed doors later. There are plenty of ways to work up a sweat, Sag!

When Venus moves into Leo and your jubilant, expansive eighth house from August 11 to September 5, your adventurous side returns full-force. Think far and wide when it comes to love: a romantic vacation, a long-distance spark, meeting someone while you travel. A beautiful mind will turn you on now too, as Venus in this curious and creative sector could draw you to an out-of-the-box thinker.

Summer’s best day for love arrives on August 18, when Venus forms a golden trine to no-limits Jupiter (your ruler), a moment when hearts AND minds open wide. Jupiter also happens to be in Aries and your fifth house of passion and pleasure, dialing up your senses. This is an amazing moment for a sexy getaway or to have an honest conversation about everything with your person. You could meet someone while traveling or connect across cultures with a dynamic and dashing character! 

Your partnerships turn into a major heat zone starting August 20. That day, sexy and intense Mars starts an extended seven-month visit to Gemini and your committed relationship house, staying until March 25, 2023. This is five times longer than the usual Mars visit, and while there may be a bumpy patch later this year while Mars is retrograde, it’s all summer spice and sexiness for now. 

Coupled Sags may feel temperatures increase in the bedroom and out. Watch for tension that turns into fighting, because assertive Mars can also make you a bit combative and stressed. If you feel that things have been unfair between you and another person, stick up for yourself. But careful not to bulldoze anyone or be impatient with your S.O. either. As a fire sign, you already have a bit of a short temper, and this transit won’t do much to help that. Learning (and practicing) new communication skills will go a LONG way.

Luck is on your side this month, Archer. The confident Leo Sun is heating up your expansive ninth house until August 22, encouraging you to take a gamble. If you’re ready for a new opportunity, apply for positions that would force you to stretch beyond your limits. Relocation, travel or learning a new skill would actually be perks, not obstacles, for you now. Afraid you’re underqualified? The ninth house rules higher education, so you could enroll in an extension course or an online certification workshop to learn a new skill set and diversify your offerings.

Got an email blast to send, a product to drop or a message to market? The Aquarius full moon on August 11 hands you the microphone. Share far and wide!

On August 22, the Sun shifts gears, entering Virgo and your career-focused tenth house. You’ll be better equipped to make a solid plan and take concrete steps now. The August 27 Virgo new moon kicks off a fresh six-month chapter for your highest ambitions. Pro tip: Don’t feel like you have to go it alone! With motivator Mars blazing through Gemini from August 20 until next March 25, you have seven months of dynamic duo energy bringing new reach and markets to your brilliant ideas.

Love Days: 15, 19

Money Days: 27, 9

Luck Days: 25, 7

Off Days: 17, 21, 5

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