Zoey Deutch’s Vintage Moschino Galaxy Dress

Zoey Deutch is bringing designer style to the Milky Way. On July 27, the actor stepped out in New York City for a screening of her upcoming Hulu movie, “Not Okay,” wearing a vintage Moschino dress that featured none other than our galaxy. Styled by Elizabeth Stewart, the ankle-length dress featured a cowl neck and a slit up the back of the dress for optimal walking purposes. Behind the various shades of blue are images of stars, moons, planets, comets, and all the things that make up our solar system. If you look close enough, you might even be able to see the big dipper.

While vintage styles seem to be all over red carpets and celebrity closets these days, Deutch’s starry dress came from Jennie Walker — aka JennieGirl’s Closet — and her vast range of vintage Moschino looks. It’s the first time Deutch has plucked a throwback designer style from Walker’s arsenal, and dare we say it was out of this world?

For the appearance ahead of the movie release, Deutch paired the galactic dress with Santoni blue satin stiletto pumps with gold buckle detailing across the top. “Not Okay” hits Hulu on July 29, and in it, Deutch stars as Danni Sanders, a wannabe influencer who lies about a trip to Paris to impress her coworker, played by Dylan O’Brien. It’s all downhill from there and she gets wrapped in a chaotic web of lies. In real life, she’s stunning on planet Earth on the streets of NYC. Check out photos of Deutch’s vintage Moschino galaxy dress ahead, no telescope necessary.

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