Lululemon’s Chargefeel Athletic Shoe Is Here. Shop It Now

If you thought your sneaker collection was at its peak, think again. One of the leading brands in athletic wear, Lululemon, is back at it again with its second drop of footwear. Today the Chargefeel, a multi-use training shoe, joins the ranks of the brand’s footwear line.

The launch comes a couple of months after Lululemon’s first shoe launch, the Blissfeel running shoe. Like its predecessor, the Chargefeel went through a rigorous design process consisting of over a million foot scans from numerous female testers to gain an idea of what the ideal pair of footwear for women would look like.

“We intentionally started with women first because we saw an opportunity to solve for the fact that, more often than not, performance shoes are designed for men and then adapted for women,” said Sun Choe, Lululemon’s Chief Product Officer in a press release.

lululemon footwear line on a sky blue background

Lululemon’s line of women’s footwear from left to right: Blissfeel, two variations of the Chargefeel, Restfeel, and the Strongfeel.

Jenna Saint Martin

Thus, the Chargefeel was born, an athletic shoe that can withstand runs, training, and just about everything in between. The secret is in the shoe’s dual-density foam layering system that gives it the bounce and forward motion of a running shoe while also the stabilizing side-to-side motion of a trainer to guarantee security on the toughest of sweat sessions.

Available to purchase in 14 must-have colorways, the Chargefeel comes in two styles. If you’re looking for a fit that’s secure but not overbearing, opt for the mid-top. The upper mesh lining exudes major levels of stretch while still holding you in. On the opposite end of the spectrum lies the low-top Chargefeel, which boasts all the same benefits of the mid-top but opts out of the upper mesh giving it a bit more breathability.

Looking to test out the newness for yourself? The shoe is available for purchase for a cool $138 if you want the low-top style and $148 if you want the mid-top. As someone who has experienced the glory that is Lululemon’s latest footwear launch, I recommend sticking with your usual size (even if your foot tends to run on the wider side like moi). The Chargefeel is a bit roomier compared to the Blissfeel.

Those who want a shoe that’s a bit more specialized, don’t fret. Look out for one more footwear design from Lululemon set to release later this year. Come fall, the final shoe in the collection will be released, otherwise known as the Strongfeel, a training shoe with a multi-directional movement.

Shop our favorite color combinations above or head to to get even more up close and personal with the new shoe.

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