Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 25 – 3 1, 2022

Cool as an English cucumber you may well be, but get ready for your emotions to be all over the map early this week. You can attribute this to a rare yet activating alignment on Monday, July 25, between the great “benefics,” Jupiter and Venus. While Venus rules love and harmony and Jupiter expands whatever it comes into contact with, in this tense 90-degree square, their energies challenge each other, and you might have patience for no one and nothing! Even the people you j’adore could get under your skin for no obvious reason. Were you secretly expecting more than they delivered? Did your ego get wounded by someone who failed to acknowledge your contributions? This one-day transit will be over as quickly as it blew in. But before it swiftly exits, make it your business to not lose your cool with someone you care about. Try to see this as a challenge to stay on an even keel despite whatever ill winds are blowing around you. And, on an even deeper level, if you do find yourself getting impatient with someone, consider whether that person might be mirroring something back to YOU that you’re struggling to accept. Then lovingly forgive both of you and set your sights on calmer seas tomorrow.

Don’t trust your eyes—or ears—on Thursday. Under the influence of the year’s only Leo new moon in your mysterious and seductive eighth house, things won’t be as they seem. While it could bring a lot of sexy intrigue, the old warning “let the buyer beware” is fully in effect. Luna is also making a supportive angle with daredevil Jupiter, which can spark big plans and launch major new projects over the coming six months. But to pull off a mission of this magnitude, you need to laser-focus your energy on one thing at a time. Luckily, the eighth house also rules shared resources and investments, and if you’re truly ready, you can attract the perfect partner. But no assumptions or handshake deals, please! You’re still a serious Capricorn, so you’ll want to do your due diligence and make sure everything checks out before you sign on any dotted lines.

Also on Thursday, you may decide to put away the welcome mat and draw your blinds tight! Expansive Jupiter, king of the open-door policy, does its annual about-face, and this year, the retrograde begins in Aries and your domestic fourth house (until October 28). When previously you were open to entertaining the troops (okay, maybe just your inner circle) and inviting new people over, once Jupiter flips into reverse, you may feel like keeping more to yourself—or at least using home base as a one-Goat retreat center. On October 28, it’ll backflip into Pisces and your community sector, staying in reverse gear through November 23 and then finally returning to Aries and your home zone on December 20—but now in forward motion. During this “timeout” from the usual busyness, you may discover you have more bandwidth—and patience—for your loved ones. This annual retrograde is also a perfect opportunity to get your house in order, literally and metaphorically, and to enjoy nights on the couch, alone or with bae, or just throwing yourself into those long-postponed passion projects.

You might need a few cold showers this Sunday, thanks to a passionate but unpredictable conjunction of the fateful North Node and electrifying Uranus. (And lusty Mars in close contact, too!). This passionate planetary duo may lead you to make art, love, even war (watch that temper). Whatever the case, you won’t have the best impulse control. Romantic attractions could take off at a gallop—and there’s a thin line between love and hate. One minute you’re having a heated debate about election politics, the next you’re “negotiating a two-party solution” between the sheets. matter your romantic status, you’ll be feeling fierce, in the moment and unafraid to pursue. Seduce away, but do a temperature check. If you aren’t careful, your intensity may cause other people to step back.

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