Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 25 – 3 1, 2022

You never play fast and loose when it comes to your reputation, but the stakes are extra high on Monday, July 25, so make a point of holding yourself to the highest level of integrity. That day brings one of the year’s few collisions between candid Jupiter—in your communication corner—and (normally) harmonious Venus. For things to improve in a certain relationship, the tension might need to become unbearable, but once that happens, you’ll be extra motivated to restore the peace. It may be awkward to discuss difficult subjects, but it’s only by bringing things out into the open that you can resolve the issue. And to be honest, you might not be able to pull off THAT neat trick, so manage your expectations by keeping a very open (and philosophical) mind. Your only requirement? Try to approach the other person with kindness and diplomacy while avoiding projecting any negativity onto them. And be prepared to come clean about something yourself, even if it was only a “fib” employed to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. Don’t defend or pretend. Just offer a sincere apology, listen to what the other person has to say…and if you’re close enough for comfort, hug it out and agree to put this behind you.

Romance renaissance time! This Thursday, the year’s only Leo new moon sends (the good kind of) shock waves through your seventh house of relationships—and heaping on more good fortune is a positive angle from lucky and adventurous Jupiter. Leo energy is confident and proud, so even if there’s still a hint of “fake it till you make it” in your would-be swagger, so be it! This lunar lift in your dynamic-duos zone can give you the urge to merge, but not in a superficial way. Leo is the most loyal and generous sign, and with this new moon of fresh starts, you could be craving true, aligned companionship. Already in a committed union but not happy about a certain issue? These next two weeks are ideal for broaching the subject. It probably won’t be the most pleasurable conversation you’ll ever have, but it could be the most important. Solid partnerships can actually get stronger when you bolster them with your willingness to be vulnerable and trust your partner. Single? With lion fuel in your tanks, you’ll have natural head-turning status, but don’t let that go to YOUR head and play with people’s emotions. Enjoy the attention, but stop short of using others’ admiration to inflate your own ego.

Also on Thursday, you’ll have a chance to review—and if necessary, begin to rebuild—your social network as optimistic Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries and your community zone. This is an annual occurrence—a chance to reflect on things that got off to a fast and furious start. With Jupiter in reverse, situations and relationships you thought were rock-solid might prove to be anything but. You can’t control what other people say or do (or even believe), yet you are 100 percent responsible for yourself, so think long and hard before you do utter a single potentially provocative word. Luckily, that’s what retrograde Jupiter is excellent at: helping you see the consequences of your behavior. Jupiter stays in this sector until between now and October 28, when it backflips into Pisces and your second house of security and stays there until December 20. Those eight weeks are a great time to tighten your belt, trim any budgetary “fat” and set a few new goals to pursue at year’s end. That will make any short-term sacrifices feel worth it!

On Sunday, chaotic Uranus teams up with the fateful North Node in Taurus and your fourth house of home and family. All will NOT be quiet on the Aquarius domestic front: A relative or property matter may demand a jumbo-sized chunk of your attention, and quite unexpectedly. Or, you may suddenly get a wild hare that it’s time to do a massive kitchen reno, move your sister in to the guest room, or shop for a pied-a-terre on the other coast. While there’s no stopping you when you get one of these ideas in your head, this is NOT the moment to leap before you look.

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