45 Chic Fashion Editor–Approved Swimsuits for Summer

I know for many of us the thought of swimsuit shopping is about as appealing as a trip to the dentist or receiving a parking ticket. In other words, not very appealing. There are so many different types of swimwear to try, and finding the right suit that doesn’t only look good but makes you feel comfortable and confident can seem overwhelming. Let’s be honest, you’re wearing such little fabric and only really covering what needs to be covered, so yeah, you want to feel comfortable. When it comes to swimwear, there’s a myth that you have to sacrifice style for comfort, but let me debunk that for you right now: There are tons of swimwear brands out there that want their customers to feel their most confident while in their suits while still looking super fashionable and flattering.

This summer, we’re back in the swing of things, meaning lots of pool parties, vacations, beach days, and many more events that require a chic swim look. For myself, I take a swimwear look just as seriously as any other look. After a recent trip to Tulum and trying out some new swimwear brands for pool days in New York City, I have found that swimwear shopping can actually be fun when you know which brands and styles work for you. I’ve been shopping for bikinis, one-piece suits, cover-ups, and sarongs—and my online cart just keeps growing and growing. I’ve rounded up 45 swimwear items that I’m lowkey obsessed with. 

Keep scrolling to see which suits made the cut. 

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