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July 23, 2022

On Saturday, get back in touch with a friend whom you lost touch with lately or circle back to a collab that you put on hold temporarily. Verbal Mercury in your communication province is cooperating with expansive Jupiter in your communal eleventh house, opening the door to positive reconnections and connections of all kinds. Be bold and ping someone who’s been on your mind. You never know what synergies will spring up. You could do volunteer work for a group that’s involved in a movement you care about. Jupiter is the SJW planet, so get out there and fight the good fight! However, covetous Venus in your worth sector spars with voracious Jupiter in your humanity province on Sunday, upping the odds that your values and priorities will clash with those of your crew or a particular pal that day. You’re allowed to want different things, so don’t try to wrestle everyone onto the same page. Money could get funny, but on the bright side, you might feel inspired to make a generous donation to a progressive cause. Research the organization’s financials before pulling the trigger.

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